The Original Cocoa Bombs

Cocoa Bombs™️ were created as a fun alternative to ordinary (and BORING) hot chocolate powder mixes. Since the beginning, our products have been made with the finest quality chocolate as well as other premium ingredients for a smooth taste and explosive experience you won’t forget!

  • Terrirory Protected
  • Made in USA
  • Opening order: 6 cases (12 boxes/cs/flavor – $96/Case)
  • Reorder: 2 cases
  • WS $8 ea(contains 3 Cocoa Bombs)
  • 6 months Shelf Life
  • Ships within 2 weeks

Cocoa Bombs now have single flavors! $2.50 wholesale, Minimum 12 per flavor ($30).

Flavors for Singles are Carmel, Smores and Milk Chocolate.

See link below for more details.

Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate